First meeting between pet and baby

At some countries, especially mine – Vietnam, there is still prejudge that dogs and cats are dirty and can harmful to babies. Some parents even abandon their dogs/cats when wives get pregnant. Even worse, they sell pitiful animals to meat market. Luckily, in recent years, there are more and more animal lovers in our countries which makes these sad stories are not too common compared to before. Still, we have a long way to go to change people, especially the old’s mindset. Let’s share and make all the world understand that, cats and dogs are our best friends and therefore, our babies’ best friends too.

Woman & Dog Who Are Both Victims Of Domestic Violence Form A Loving Bond

In St. Petersburg, Florida, a woman and a dog who are both survivors of domestic violence have formed a loving bond and found comfort in each other.

In 2012, Melissa Dohme was stabbed 32 times by her ex-boyfriend. Most of the stab wounds were on her face.

On the other hand, Khalessi is a severly abused Pit Bull who was likely used as a bait dog. And because of that, Khalessi lost half of her face.

The two got to meet each other when they were brought together by photographer Lisa Otto for a special photo shoot.

Watch the video below for the full story!

Aren’t they beautiful?

Melissa Dohme told ABC News, “You can’t keep us down, and we won’t be silenced.” These two are giving hope to domestic abuse victims everywhere.

You can also read about Khalesssi’s story HERE.

Source: I Heart Dog

Watch This Beautiful Time-Lapse Of An Abandoned Puppy Growing Into A Healthy Dog!

Howl of a Dog is a small nonprofit dog rescue organization. Saving abandoned, stray, and abused dogs is something the folks there are quite accustomed to. Yet, when they found this tiny puppy abandoned on the sidewalk, they could hardly believe how small he was.

The pup they renamed Joy weighed only 160 grams. He was so small, they came to the conclusion that he must have been left by his mother on the day he was born. They marked the day they rescued Joy as his birthday, since he was so young at the time. When something is so small and so precious, the outcome can be a little unpredictable. Thanks to Howl of a Dog, little Joy is progressing nicely.

Watch as he blossoms from a baby into a happy, healthy dog over the course of 60 days. I love watching the time-lapse growth of animals like Joy, and even Keelo and Koda. Our babies, human and animal alike, tend to grow up so quickly; these time-lapse videos can remind us of each different wonderful stage in our little one’s life.

At first he’s hardly able to move, but when nourished, Joy becomes full of life. He’s ready to play, jump, bounce, and run around, now that he’s in a loving environment.

Please SHARE Joy’s story to show what a difference 60 days and a little love make in a dog’s life!

Source: Littlething

Seattle Dog Figures Out Buses, Starts Riding Solo To The Dog Park

Seattle’s public transit system has had a ruff go of things lately, and that has riders smiling.

You see, of the 120 million riders who used the system last year, one of them is actually a dog. Seattle’s KOMO-TV reports the 2-year-old black Labrador mix, named Eclipse, has become a regular fixture on the city’s D-Line after she figured out how to ride the bus alone to the dog park.

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Miracle Of Life: Watch This Amazing Footage Of A Puppy Fetus Inside Its Mother’s Womb

We’ve seen ultrasounds of human fetus’ before, but what about a dog? Have you ever seen a dog fetus?

If not, prepare to be amazed! This video by the National Geographic Channel shows us the evolution of a dog fetus inside its mother’s womb.

You can see how tiny the fetus is, and although she’s not yet fully developed, the major and vital parts can already be clearly seen. You can see her head, ears, eyes, tail, and limbs. It’s astoundingly beautiful!

Watch the video below and be amazed by this miracle of life!

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Watch What Happens When A Dog Plays Videographer At A Wedding

Strapped with a GoPro, the Siberian Husky did a pawsitively good job.

Rather than simply walking down the aisle with their beloved 2-year-old Siberian Husky Ryder, this Tennessee couple included him in a far more integral way.

Josh and Addie Burnette decided to get married with just three days notice last November. So they decided to make Ryder their videographer, with the help of a GoPro camera.

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A clever thieving border collie and surprise ending

Britain’s Got Talent – and a thieving border collie!

Jules and Matisse are back at it again, performing a new and awesome routine on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent.

This time she’s a police constable out to catch a notorious sausage thief. But Matisse is a clever robber and outsmarts her at every turn, from walking a tightrope to hiding in a rubbish bin! But wait until you see why he’s stealing the sausage in the first place.

And when you see the surprise ending of this video, you’ll know that ALL dogs have talent, given a loving chance. If you’re looking for a brilliant partner for lots of activities, please consider adopting a dog on!


Wiener Dog Minions Look Ridiculously Awesome In These DIY Costumes

Crusoe the celebrity dachshund has done it again, this time taking to YouTube wearing an adorable Minions costume. The costumes were hand made by owners and Ottawa, Canada, residents Ryan and Lauren Beauchesne. The other wiener dog in the video is likely Oakley, Crusoe’s half brother.

Fame descended upon Crusoe after he was featured on television for winning “best trick” at an annual wiener dog event. The 5-year-old dachshund will publish a book of his adventures this fall on Amazon.

(h/t: mashable, Bored Panda)

Mom Tells Baby To Say “Mama” For A Bite Of Food, But The Hungry Dog Answers “Mama” Instead!!

When this mother was eager to have her baby say “mama” to her, the dog stood very close by anxiously awaiting a bite of food.

This smart dog listens very carefully. While the baby says nothing, the dog starts chiming in his two cents and actually mumbling “Mama” to answer! How quick-learner he is and how hard he tries for a bite of pasta! How can “Mama” do anything but feed him? It looks like the baby cheers for him too! Super!