Watch This Beautiful Time-Lapse Of An Abandoned Puppy Growing Into A Healthy Dog!

Howl of a Dog is a small nonprofit dog rescue organization. Saving abandoned, stray, and abused dogs is something the folks there are quite accustomed to. Yet, when they found this tiny puppy abandoned on the sidewalk, they could hardly believe how small he was.

The pup they renamed Joy weighed only 160 grams. He was so small, they came to the conclusion that he must have been left by his mother on the day he was born. They marked the day they rescued Joy as his birthday, since he was so young at the time. When something is so small and so precious, the outcome can be a little unpredictable. Thanks to Howl of a Dog, little Joy is progressing nicely.

Watch as he blossoms from a baby into a happy, healthy dog over the course of 60 days. I love watching the time-lapse growth of animals like Joy, and even Keelo and Koda. Our babies, human and animal alike, tend to grow up so quickly; these time-lapse videos can remind us of each different wonderful stage in our little one’s life.

At first he’s hardly able to move, but when nourished, Joy becomes full of life. He’s ready to play, jump, bounce, and run around, now that he’s in a loving environment.

Please SHARE Joy’s story to show what a difference 60 days and a little love make in a dog’s life!

Source: Littlething


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