An actual half Bulldog, see his medical deformities and how his life is going.

Half a Bulldog, twice the love!

Ever seen half a dog? Well, probably not, but you’re about to seen one. You will now meet Bonsai, the half Bulldog everyone has been talking about. An Animal rescue organization in Fort Worth, Texas, has recently received a call from a dog breeder in Arkansas telling them that he has a dog that needs immediate medical attention, the dog was 3.5 weeks old, and he was born with multiple distortions. The rescue organization instantly hit the road, and they got the dog, and went to a vet. When they did, they discovered that the adorable Bulldog had caudal regression syndrome, sacrocaudal dysgenesis, and Spina bifida. In other words, he is born with half a spine, no pelvis, and tiny, not functional hind legs, and he was also diagnosed with Swimmer Puppy Syndrome.

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100 puppies rescued from South Korean dog meat farm get a second chance at life

Over 100 puppies are being given a second chance at life as they go up for adoption at shelters across the west coast of the United States.

For them, it’s the last stop after being rescued from a dog meat farm in Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea by the Humane Society International (HSI).

A spokesperson for HSI told Global News the animals’ living conditions were deplorable, their lives often short and brutal.

“The dogs were being kept in horrific conditions, usually just wire cages above ground so they never touch the ground, fed just enough to stay alive,” Kelly O’Meara, director of HIS Companion Animals.

And usually, the slaughter process involved some sort of electrocution.”

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