What the man had done to a dying stray dog will definitely make you burst into tears

He found a stray dog walking towards him during work, what followed is completely unforgettable


This story had brought lots of tears into my eyes. It’s very touching, what this man did to the dog was the most precious thing ever, but the ending was still very touching. This story simply proves that it is never too late to help a dog. Most of the dogs that get rescued or get adopted are at a young age, not everyone cares about old ones, but we find that some owners give up on their old dogs and leave them abandoned. This is the story of “Toothless” and it simply proves that there is still kindness in the world. Cody Leightenheimer is one kind hearted man who gave an old dog the life he deserved in his last days.


As Cody said, one day he was at his work, and he suddenly saw a dog. The dog walked up to the man and stared at him, like he was asking him for some love. Cody instantly started to pet him and cuddle him, and he noticed that the dog was covered with flea and was very skinny; he said that he could feel his bones while petting him. He fed him a part of his lunch, and then he took him back home with him!


With the help of his lovely wife, they cleaned the dog up and removed dozens of fleas. After that they took the dog immediately to the vet, and they were shocked to know what’s wrong with him, the dog had stunted growth from malnutrition, Cataracts and one small pupil from blunt force trauma to the head, Ulcers in his stomach causing vomiting, Four oronasal fistulas in his mouth caused by his teeth rotting, and the most shocking of all, is that the dog was also completely deaf. The dog needed an immediate surgery, but despite of this, he was only given 3 months to one year left for him.


It was the time for him to live the life that he always deserved, with lots of medical treatments and endless love and spoiling from his new family. They named him Toothless, due to their daughter’s insane love for the How to Train Your Dragon movie. Toothless had unlimited fun, played, was loved, and his last days involved in many activities.


The dog made it up to one year, but he was getting too sick day after day, till he passed away while he was napping on the floor, and his family was holding his paws.


As Cody said, Toothless was the most loving pet, and the most heroic fighter! He made a change in their life, and it was the best year ever, also for Toothless, who lived his last year as he deserved to live it.











One thought on “What the man had done to a dying stray dog will definitely make you burst into tears

  1. Wow! There is hope for this world. People that do things like this for a street dog, in my book, are angels. Thank you for giving Toothless an amazing life and I am deeply sorry for your loss.


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