17 Puppy Faces You Actually Cannot Resist Kissing

1. This little dude who is just begging for all the puppy kisses.

This little dude who is just begging for all the puppy kisses.

2.And this wide-eyed cutie who has the sweetest little Golden Retriever face.

3. This proper little lady who would love a kiss on her corgi snout.

"Your" arm? How cute. #corgi #corgicommunity #corgisofinstagram #puppy #dog #corgisarelove #dogsofinstagram

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4. This dapper dude who’s just too handsome to resist.

5. And this adorable face accompanied by the cutest puppy dog eyes.

6. This curious wrinkly sir.

7. And this pair who wants DOUBLE THE KISSES.

Don't even get me started with these pit puppies right now. #WhoseAGoodBoooooy

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8. This little girl who will wait politely until you’re ready to give kisses.

9. And this little guy who wants to tickle you with his fluffy puppy mustache.

10. This corgi puppy who can’t go five minutes without a big smooch.


I get the cutest pictures of #RosieGirl #loveher #puppymodel #StBernardPuppy 😍📷

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12. This pup who may be teeny but still loves a huge smooch.

13. And this sleeper who loves to be woken up with tons of puppy love.

Now that Pedro lives in California he's starting to think his gluten intake may be affecting his energy levels.

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14. This little guy who needs a kiss on each individual wrinkle.

15. And this one who will charm you into smooches with her ~mesmerizing~ eyes.

16. This little girl who’s a little sad that you haven’t kissed her yet.

17. And this fluffball who you will not be able to resist kissing. NOT NOW. NOT EVER.