Two Sisters With Same Terminal Illness Catch Waves With My Surfing Dog

Even though I’m sick and dying, I don’t let it stop me from living my life” – Bellamy.

Last Wednesday, my dog, Ricochet surfed with 17-year-old Savannah and 19-year-old Bellamy Arterburn from Denver, Colorado. They both have the same terminal illness, Friedreich’s ataxia, a debilitating and degenerative neuro-muscular disorder with no treatment or cure.

When they heard Ricochet is a SURFice dog® who surfs with people with disabilities, kids with special needs, wounded warriors and veterans with PTSD as an assistive aid and paws-on healer, it became their dream to surf with her. But, because of all the hardships this family has endured, they couldn’t afford a trip to San Diego. Ricochet’s water handler, Dave came up with the idea of Ricochet hosting a fundraiser to bring the girls to San Diego. Within 24 hours, the whole trip was funded! Ricochet’s Facebook fans, Scott and Sharon Brandstadt donated 100,000 Southwest Airline miles. Hotel Indigo, Del Mar donated a room. Ricochet’s FacebookTwitter and Instagram fans sent in cash donations to cover attractions, activities and dining.

They traveled to San Diego to catch some waves with their favorite canine, as well as experience her paws-on healing.

In the last few years, Bellamy and Savannah have begun losing the ability to move, had several spine surgeries, learned to live with a failing heart and tragically lost their mother to breast cancer

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Baby & Bulldog Born On Same Day Think They’re Brothers And Do Everything Together

Dog’s are often called “man’s best friend,” but what about babies? When Chicago mother Ivette Ivens, 25, saw a French bulldog puppy that was born on the same day as her baby son Dilan, she knew it was a sign. “I saw Farley’s birth date and just knew it’s meant to be,” she told the Daily Mail.

Farley, the little bulldog pup, joined the family about five months ago and has been following around baby Dilan ever since. “I’m pretty sure Dilan thinks they’re both the same species, as they walk at the same level and are both going through the stage of chewing on everything.”

“I saw Farley’s birth date and just knew it’s meant to be”

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It’s Scary To Testify In Front Of Your Attacker In Court, But These Dogs Make It Easier

In countries where defendants have the right to confront their accusers, witnesses, especially young ones, often struggle under the pressure. Ellen O’Neill Stephens and Celeste Walsen, of Courthouse Dogs, believe they have the solution: dogs in the courtroom to comfort witnesses.

“When a person is reliving a traumatic event, they experience physiological reactions similar to what they had when the event was taking place,” O’Neill told Upworthy. “This adversarial system [of testifying in front of your attacker] is brutal. A lot of people come out damaged by it.”

Courthouse dogs are trained specifically for the job, a process that can take over two years. Courthouse Dogs was founded in 2004, and presently employs 87 dogs working in 28 states. The non-profit primarily uses Labradors or golden retrievers.

Testifying in court can be a traumatic event

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Heartmelting Pics Of Aging Dogs Show Them Grow From Puppyhood To Old Age


Photographer Amanda Jones has been photographing dogs for twenty years. The Massachusetts resident was inspired to put together this collection of dog portraits, Dog Years: Faithful Friends Then & Now, by her dachshund, Lily, who passed away during the making of the book. The book features before and after photos of numerous breeds along with comments from their owners.

“Some don’t seem to age at all, yet others show the signs quite openly in their eyes, their jowls, and their gray hair,” Jones told the Daily Mail. “It is this semblance of ourselves and our souls in their eyes that gives us such a deep connection with dogs. One thing that remains constant is the love people and dogs have for each other. That does not change, no matter how many dog years go by.”

Fred: 2 years & 10 years


Maddy: 5 years & 10 years


Lily: 8 months & 15 years


Copper: 3 years & 10 years


Maddie and Ellie: 7 and 6 years & 14 and 13 years


Rufus: 6 months & 13 years


Kayden and Brodie: 11 months and 5 years & 7 and 12 years


Abigale: 4 months & 8 years


Poppy: 1 year & 7 years


Sydney and Savannah: 16 and 5 months & 10 and 9 years


Audrey: 3 years & 12 years


Briscoe: 1 year & 10 years


Corbet: 2 years & 11 yearsyoung-dog-old-years-book-amanda-jones-3

World’s Most Photogenic Shar Pei And His Cat Are The Best Friends Ever

Paddington the dog and Butler the cat are inseparable. The droopy Shar Pei, often dressed up in costume, patiently sits beside his feline friend, putting up with her cat antics. The best friends live with their owner Annie Jacob and three other cats in Tasmania on the south coast of Australia.

One has to wonder—while Paddington seems to sincerely like Butler, can Butler tell Paddington apart from a wrinkled blanket?

Shar Pei’s are one of the world’s rarest breeds. It’s name translates from Chinese into “sand skin,” which refers to the texture of its rough coat. Shar Pei puppies are famously wrinkly, but as the get older, they “grow into their skin.” The American Kennel Club did not recognize the breed until 1991.



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Perfect Imperfection: Photographer Documents The Beauty Of Animals With Disabilities

From dogs with three legs, to cats born without eyes, Perfect Imperfection celebrates the intrinsic beauty of animals who have overcome adversity and adapted to a physical impairment.

Photographed with care and sensitivity by leading Australian animal photographer, Alex Cearns of Houndstooth Studio, each image leads with the beauty of the animal subject, making their physical issue almost a subtle afterthought.

Cearns says “One of my most passionate aims as an animal photographer is to capture the adorable subtleties that make all creatures precious and unique. I love every animal I have the privilege of photographing, but those perceived as “different” hold a special place in my heart. These are the creatures who have lost a leg, been born without eyes, or are still showing the scars of former abuse. Most animals with “afflictions” don’t dwell on them. They adapt to their bodies without complaint and they survive with determination. They push on, always, wanting to be included and involved in everything as much as they can, and as much as an able bodied pet does.”

This series is dedicated to Savannah and Rowdy. Both lived with dignity and joy (RIP).

More info: Facebook

After constant eye issues, Scrappy had both his eyes removed

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