This Disabled Rescue Pup Is About to Completely Steal Your Heart

Her owner is using the power of adorable photos to spread a positive message and promote the adoption of animals with disabilities.

Meet Daisy, an adopted mutt with quite the inspiring story. Despite a prominent underbite and a congenital deformity, she’s proving that animals with special needs are still able to live lives full of love and happiness.

According to Underbite Unite, Daisy was abandoned and left alone on the streets of Bellflower, CA when she was only two months old. An animal control officer found her and brought her to a shelter. After two months at the shelter, she was scheduled to be euthanized. But, just in time, a volunteer from A Home 4Ever swooped in to rescue the sweet puppy. Several months later, she found a forever home with Sheena, who’s now sharing her story.

Today, the five year-old pup has grown into a happy and strong canine. She was born with a dislocated right shoulder, elbows, and back hips, and uses a wheel cart to take stress off of her spine when she goes for walks. (She can run and walk without the cart for short distances, but it takes up a lot of her energy.)

It was the best decision that I've ever made. #adoptdontshop #underbiteunite

A post shared by Daisy Underbite (@underbiteunite) on

“A lot of creativity is required in order to make Daisy’s life a little easier,” Sheena told Distractify. She invested in a wagon to help Daisy get around and knit her a pad to give her chest more support when she’s using the wheelchair.

“Daisy’s natural posture makes eating a bit difficult, so I place a stuffed animal under her body to keep her leveled. I consider them all a fun challenge and brings me so much joy when Daisy looks happier,” said Sheena.

In order to spread a positive message and promote adoption of disabled animals, Sheena uses the power of cute photos on Instagram to melt hearts everywhere. It’s pretty much impossible to assume Daisy is anything but happy and cared for in these fun, colorful snapshots.

Daisy garners a lot of attention from strangers when she’s out wheeling around, and Sheena is happy for the opportunity to raise awareness about animals with special needs.

Daisy felt like being girly today. #SheIsAGirl 😜 #underbiteunite

A post shared by Daisy Underbite (@underbiteunite) on

Yay perfect weather to wear these sunnies☀ #underbiteunite

A post shared by Daisy Underbite (@underbiteunite) on

“Daisy’s name was originally Scooter prior to adopting her. I renamed her Daisy in hopes that she will blossom into a beautiful, strong girl, just like the flower. I think she did,” Sheena writes on her website.

Derp level 1000. #underbiteunite

A post shared by Daisy Underbite (@underbiteunite) on

This is how we chilax. #liveandlearn #underbiteunite

A post shared by Daisy Underbite (@underbiteunite) on

Daisy and her new baby friend. #underbiteunite

A post shared by Daisy Underbite (@underbiteunite) on

You can donate for Daisy here, too 🙂



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