9 Amazing Photos Of Dogs Before And After Their Rescues

1. Elsa


After being tied up and abandoned outside, Elsa was hospitalized and made a full recovery!

2. Jones


Jones had lost the ability to use his back legs and was brought to a kill shelter. After physical therapy, medication, and strict bed rest, Jones is able to walk again!

3. Farmer

 Farmer was found with a severe skin infection that was so bad it caused his paws to swell to twice their size. With treatment, he was able to make a full recovery!

4. Filly

Filly was so emaciated when she was found, she needed to be put on emergency supportive care. Luckily, this cutie is back in smiling, tip-top shape!

5. Hazel Grace

Hazel Grace suffered severe burns when she was set on fire. She was hospitalized and given a skin graft. Although she hasn’t been able to fully grow back her fur, she’s smiling and happier than ever.

6. Kringle



Kringle was found with a choke collar embedded under his neck, arm, and shoulder. The wound was so bad that skin had grown over the chain in some places. An emergency vet took the chain out, piece by piece, and saved Kringle’s life.

7. Red

Red was dropped off at a kill shelter but was luckily saved. He was put on a diet, lost 10 pounds, and is now able to live a full, happy life!

8. Thistle



Thistle suffered injuries on her left leg from a human tying a shoestring around it so tightly that it cut through the skin to the bone. The infection was extremely bad and even affected her bone growth. Although the emergency vet could not save her leg, Thistle is all smiles from the love and care she has received.

9. Winston



Winston was abandoned in a Chicago backyard. Police brought him to the shelter, where he got some TLC before finding his forever home!

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