Shelter Dog Hugs Her Friend Hours Before Euthanasia And Saves Their Lives

Kala and Keira, two shelter dogs who were hours from certain death by euthanization, proved that hugs can save lives. Two hours and six minutes after a photo of Kala, the brown dog, hugging her friend was posted on Facebook, they found a foster home willing to take them in and save them from certain death.

Their photo was shared by Angels Among Us, a pet rescue in Georgia that saves dogs and cats from other high-kill shelters in the rest of the state. Along with their heartfelt plea, their photo sent a powerful message: these dogs, and many others just like them, need your help!

Kala and Keira were hours from death, but this hug saved their lives


This Disabled Rescue Pup Is About to Completely Steal Your Heart

Her owner is using the power of adorable photos to spread a positive message and promote the adoption of animals with disabilities.

Meet Daisy, an adopted mutt with quite the inspiring story. Despite a prominent underbite and a congenital deformity, she’s proving that animals with special needs are still able to live lives full of love and happiness.

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This Retirement Home For Old Dogs Will Make You Feel Things

National Geographic shed light on Sher Polvinale and the House With a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary, who take in old dogs, and it’s the cutest thing ever.

The pups come to the sanctuary for a safe and loving home, and because of their age, it’s usually until they pass away.

This Retirement Home For Old Dogs Will Make You Feel Things

The team provides the dogs with everything from food and shelter to grade-A supplies like wheelchairs.

This Retirement Home For Old Dogs Will Make You Feel Things

Thanks to donations and profits from short-term stays, the shelter can keep these dogs in tip-top shape.

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16 Perfectly Timed Photos That Turn Dogs Into Giants

No, giant dogs have not invaded earth. These photos of enormous pooches create the illusion of great size through the intentional or accidental use of mixed distances without clear reference points.

Hippolyte Bayard, a pioneer of photography who claimed to have invented photography earlier than Daguerre, was one of the first to stage a shot. His “Self Portrait As A Drowned Man” was a reaction to not being recognized as the first photographer.

Pandas, do you have any seemingly giant-dog pictures? Vote on your favorite, or post your own below!

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Mom Documents The Friendship Between A Boy, His Two Giant Dogs & A Horse

Washington-based photographer Stasha Becker has created an endearing series of Instagram photos featuring her seven-year-old son Julian, their two Newfoundland dogs, and their pet horse, Vizon.

In 2013, Stasha documented her son growing up alongside her dog Bruce. Since then, another Newfoundland, Max, has joined the family, as has an Arabian Stallion named Vizon. Her latest collection of photos demonstrate the love that can form between humans and their furry friends.

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