[BuzzFeed] 24 Dogs Who Are Convinced They Are Humans

1. This grill master who is serving up tofu dogs.

2. This straight-up playa who got caught ridin’ dirty.

3. This lady who enjoys looking out the window and contemplating the meaning of life.

4. This little gal who called shotgun just in time.

5. This guy who enjoys his morning paper before heading into work.

6. This stunnah who is a style icon for humans and dogs alike.

7. This lady who is literally your mother in canine form.

8. This very polite dude who doesn’t want you to know he farted.

9. This guy who has been studying for an exam for hours.

10. This guy who would appreciate a little privacy while he showers.

11. This little lady who got caught in the middle of a six-hour-long House of Cards binge.

12. These two siblings who know that four paws are better than two.

13. This guy who couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer.

14. This guy who just needs 10 minutes of peace so he can finish his work.

15. This little man who is one of Taylor Swift’s Starbucks Lovers.

16. This girl who likes to act like a kid every now and then.

17. This classy broad who would love a refill.

18. This guy who didn’t chose the thug life – it chose him.

19. This gal who is getting way too old for this shit.

20. This man who wants a shot of tequila pronto.

21. This girl who is pissed her parents won’t respect her choice to be a vegetarian.

22. This girl who is very offended you said that Eddie Redmayne didn’t deserve the Oscar.

23. This man who knows you deserve only the best.

24. And of course this guy who has an important phone call to take.


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