Owner Put A GoPro On His Dog To See What Happens After He Leaves

Youtuber Mike The Intern attached his GoPro camera to his 6 year-old goldendoodle to see what the dog does all day after he leaves.

Sadly, when he watched the video later, his dog neither played with his possessions, nor happily run around the house. What Mike saw instead was heartbreaking: his dog was so sad to see the owner leave that he spent the day running around looking for Mike, howling at the ceiling for hours.

After seeing the footage all Mike could do was hold his doggie and cry, as he confessed on Reddit. Mike also said that he’s never leaving his pooch alone again.

More info: nigelandtheghost | h/t: BoredPanda

Mike put a GoPro camera on his 6 year-old goldendoodle and left the house


Many expected some sort of dog party, then a frantic cleanup to make it look like nothing happened


However, seconds after Mike leaves, the dog starts to run around in distress, searching for his owner


“After I watched this, we held each other and cried.  I am never leaving him again.”



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