23 Dogs With Better Blowouts Than You

1. Woke up like this.

こんな顔して… 福チャンたった今 オナラしました。 く、くちゃい😂

A post shared by ブンブン (@poodlefukuchan) on

2. Can’t live without Sunday brunch.

3. Froze her credit cards in a block of ice.

4. Obsessed with his iPhone.

5. Needs a pedicure so bad.

#poodel#grooming #groomer #pet #petgrooming #dogthailand #dog

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6. On an all-raw diet.

7. Addicted to facials.

8. Not even ready for this winter.

9. On her way to Jazzercise.

Gorgeous show poodle! #poodle#showpoodle#dogs#beautiful#model#tagsforlikes#hair#dog#

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10. Writes Harry Potter fanfic.

11. Just got her braces off.

12. Took a 7am Soul Cycle class and is pumped.

13. Takes herself very seriously.

Karlos ♡

A post shared by 🇦🇽 Nina Danielsson (@ninsahn) on

14. Craving her PSL.

15. Just came from the spa.

16. Totally thinks she’s the “Charlotte” in her friend group.

(Actually the Samantha).
17. On her fourth Tinder date this week.

#buster #westie #oldenglishsheepdog #oldenglishboots @oldenglishboots

A post shared by Buster (@busterthewestie) on

18. Feeling a little shy.

19. Is totally going with the flow.

20. Whoops, got a little too drunk.

21. Got ready to go to the club hours ago.

22. Still hungover from that party last night.

이남자의 썩소 #굿나잇#goodnight #멍스타그램 #poodle

A post shared by Blackku (@poodle_b) on

23. Headed back to the salon again.


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