Photographer Lives Her Dream By Taking Expressive And Playful Dog Photos

Black noses, grey noses, long tongues, short tongues – these many different noses and tongues, in all their shapes, colors and sizes, are what make Dog Breath Photography so wonderful. Kaylee Greer – the mastermind behind these creative photo shoots – agreed to talk to Bored Panda about her passion for photography and how she turned it into her own business.

Kaylee is a 28-year-old full-time dog photographer from Boston, Massachusetts, who’s made her greatest dream come true. “I found my love for pet photography in college and just knew that there was no other way of life for me”.

Source: h/t Bored Panda


“I find my most powerful source of inspiration inside of the dogs themselves. The canine spirit is like no other thing I’ve ever experienced on this planet. The joy, whimsy and essence of life that pours out of the heart of a happy dog never ceases to amaze me,” Kaylee told Bored Panda.


“It’s my constant strive to capture that infinite joy and trademark canine spirit that drives the color and soul in my images. The happiness and energy that I hope for viewers to feel when they look at my images is a direct representation of the outrageous love that I find inside the soul of a dog.”







“I volunteer my photography services to local shelters in an effort to change the lives of homeless and abandoned animals. A great photograph of a lonely dog can be more powerful in changing that one life than you could ever imagine.”


“Pet photography is my full time profession. As a photographer who also owns her own business and travels constantly for both private and commercial shoots across the nation, I typically spend about 80 hours a week at ‘work’. Although, its sort of silly for me to call it work – it’s my favorite thing in the world! I basically live, eat, sleep and breathe pet photography.”



“I found my love for pet photography in college and just knew that there was no other way of life for me. To combine animals and art – the two things I love most in this world – became my wildest dream. And then, just a small handful of years later, after endless hours of devotion, hard work and a stubborn inability to ever give up – that dream became a reality.”







“I am the proud Momma of a rescued 3 year old Pit Bull named Joshua! He is the best friend I’ve ever had, not a day goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars for all of the love and happiness he so selflessly pours into my life.”


“I am lucky to live and work in gorgeous Boston, Massachusetts. Being in a city so full of charm and history lends itself quite well to creating unique imagery.“



“There’s nothing like shooting a sparkling city skyline just as the pinks and purples of twilight dance above the tallest buildings. Occasionally, I’ll shoot along the stunning New England coastline – capturing pups running through playful ocean surf as it slides across the sand and climbing across shining jetties of great big rocks dappled through the cold ocean waters.”



“I do also travel nationally to shoot privately and commercially with clients all across America. I’ve been so privileged to have the opportunity to photograph pups on every edge of America and experience the amazing, changing landscapes that this country has to offer.



“I shoot my images with a Canon 5D MkIII and a large arsenal of different lenses. Although, my very favorite and most used lenses in my bag are my 16-35mm f/2.8 and my 50mm f/1.4


“As far as post processing software goes – I run all my images through a combination of Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop. I shoot in RAW and therefore process my images to adjust things like sharpness, contrast, color cast, etc. Aside from editing for these things and removing the occasional leash here and there – my images are not manipulated or changed from the way they were shot in my camera.”


“I rely on in-camera techniques and on-location lighting to give my images the unique look and feel that they encompass.”

Behind the scenes:




“Toby was the ‘breath’ behind ‘Dog Breath Photography’. He passed away last year. Toby was 12 years old when he had a heart attack. His simplicity and happiness was a true inspiration. He had so much to teach, and I had so much to learn. Toby had made me a better person on every level.“


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